Sudoku Puzzles with Symbols and two-digit Numbers

The MaaTec Sudoku program allows to change the characters that are used to display Sudokus with the Standard board and for printing Sudokus. But it is only possible to use single digits or letters per cell. To print Sudoku puzzles with two-digit numbers nonetheless, you can download a special TrueType font from the MaaTec Sudoku Boards page. This font contains two-digit numbers instead of capital letters and some symbols instead of small letters.

16x16 and 25x25 Sudokus with two-digit Numbers

Sudoku with two-digit numbersDownload the MaaTec Sudoku font and copy it into the Windows font directory (usually 'C:\Windows\Fonts). Following open the Settings dialog via the Edit menu of the Sudoku application and choose the 'MaaTec Sudoku' font as 'Font for Standard Board'. If the default settings were not changed and the text box for the characters for large Sudokus contained capital letters, you can already see two-digit numbers here. Otherwise you need to enter the capital letters from A to Y as the first 25 characters for the large Sudokus. If you now print or play Sudokus on the Standard board that are larger than 9x9, you will see two-digit numbers instead of letters. If you just want to play 16x16 Sudoku puzzles with numbers but not print them, you can also download the corresponding board and pieces graphics from the Boards page.

4x4 and 9x9 Sudokus with Symbols

Sudoku with SymbolsYou can use the MaaTec Sudoku font (see above) also to print Sudokus that use symbols instead of digits. After selecting the font in the Settings dialog, you will additionally need to change the 'Characters for Sudokus up to 9x9' to the small letters from a to i. Now you should see the symbols in the text box and you can use them for printing and playing Sudokus (on the Standard board) up to a size of 9x9 cells.


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