MaaTec Sudoku Program

All Sudoku puzzles that you can download from this site were created with the MaaTec Sudoku application. You will find more information about the creation of these Sudokus on the Tutorial pages. But the MaaTec Sudoku program has far more capabilities than only creating and printing Sudokus.

MaaTec Sudoku ProgramPlaying Sudokus

You can solve Sudoku puzzles that were created by the program directly on the computer. Therefore you can play either with the scalable standard board or you load one of many different board and pieces graphics that can perceptibly enhance your playing experience. The colored pieces may also facilitate to solve a Sudoku, as you can find multiple occurrences of numbers more easily. Should you nonetheless get stuck in the game, the Sudoku program offers various hint functions that can mark uniquely solvable cells or numbers in the wrong the place.

Solving Sudokus

You can enter Sudoku puzzles from other sources like books or magazines and play them on the computer or let the program display the solution. You can look at the solution via the 'Print Preview' command or you copy it and put it on the clipboard (Ctrl-X) to paste it into other applications.

Editing Sudokus

MaaTec Sudoku allows to modify the visible numbers of newly created or entered Sudokus. This way you can simplify Sudoku puzzles by revealing more numbers or you can create Sudokus with symmetrical patterns of visible cells. Those patterns may be saved and later reused for other Sudokus.

Using Sudokus in other Applications

You can copy Sudoku puzzles or their solution and put them on the clipboard. Thereby the data is copied as text and as scalable Windows metafile. To paste the latter for example into a Word document, use the 'Paste Special...' command (otherwise word processors will paste the data as text by default). In the 'Paste Special' dialog choose the 'Enhanced Metafile' format. Now you can rescale the graphic inside the document without loss of quality.


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